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things around town

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Apr. 15th, 2009 | 11:37 pm

Over the last few months, I have had suspicions that the following ill-conceived items are "coming back" -- and now that there is a good sample size out and about on the streets, I can confirm the reappearance of:
  •   Skeleton-ts (and hoodies and shoes...did they re-release Donnie Darko and not tell me?).

  • Roller blades!  I know it's Vancouver, but I haven't seen this many rollerbladers so far from the Seawall in all my time here -- or maybe it's because I've moved to the Drive?  And they've just always avoided Main Street because of the hills.  I've also noticed that they've laid off the futuristic-sporty-robot-boots look in favour of a lower-profile look -- to resemble old school ice skates, or leather high-tops.  Nice re-branding job, rollerblade people.
They don't actually annoy me -- I mean, they're a perfectly reasonable and compact mode of travel (motorized skateboards, on the other hand....).  But in my head I still call them "fruit boots".  Compulsively!  And derisively!  Every single time I see them.

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