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wish i had photos

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Dec. 25th, 2008 | 12:07 am

The AGO addition is so beautiful! 
The outside looks like a glass fish; inside, you're in the belly of a whale -- or under the canopy of a minimalist forest. Always loved their contemporary collection, and I saw lots of new-to-me pieces today.  The Henry Moore Sculpture gallery looks totally spacious and cinematic - like giant prehistoric bones washed up on a shiny black floor.

The view of Toronto from the 5th floor and the view of Dundas from the new atrium on the 2nd floor are money.

Other things -- I spent a little time in the Annex and surrounds yesterday:
  • Honest Ed's.  So delightfully over-the-top -- it's an old-school, urban carnival of low low prices! I would like to take a decent picture of Bathurst and Bloor at dusk, and blow it up so that it takes up half a wall in my apartment.
  • Markham Street is the home of the Beguiling and David Mirvish Books on Art. Therefore Markham Street is love.
  • There is a famous little shop in Little Korea that makes the best walnut cakes in the world. They're these small, delicious pastries made from a pancake-like batter, poured into walnut-shaped moulds, and filled with red bean paste or caramelized brown sugar...they came hot off the griddle.
  • Man, the scramble crosswalk at Yonge and Dundas is a great place for a great idea.
  • I miss streetcars.
  • And brick.
  • Like, a lot.
Seven minutes into xmas. Merry day to everyone!

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from: swinehund
date: Dec. 25th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)

I'd beg you to bring back some of those walnut cakes (which we'd get whenever we ventured out that far West), but I know they won't transport or keep well.

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