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third day of xmas

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 | 12:13 am

Here for The Selby - amazing portraits of artists and their spaces of living / creation.

Tonight was xmas dinner #1, at my brother-in-law's parents' place in deep suburbia. Highlights were the presence of a chubby little baby (my...nephew-in-law?) dressed in a santa outfit.  Also, the taro and duck clay pot dish was yummy.

Tonight was also the first night of sibling-related friction.  I am not used to being the cause of upset, and I'd like to figure it all out. I'm not sure when we will ever get it right!

In other news, it snowed for hours and hours yesterday!  I shovelled the driveway twice, it's a nice thing to do when you're just visiting snow.

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