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I didn't want it to stop

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Dec. 24th, 2008 | 12:14 pm
music: Heatwave - Diana Ross and the Supremes

Toronto, Toronto, oh you.

Listen, I don't want to argue with you or anything, but people are kind of friendlier here.

There is a snowstorm outside, the likes I have not seen in years and years (my milkfed Vancouver years). Angels made right this second would only be obscured in a moment or two, so I'll hold off.

There is some kind of a time-wasting vortex at my parents' house.  It's interesting.  I somehow don't mind whiling away my hours and days watching tv, getting snacks from the to-the-brim cupboards, shooing away the squirrels from the storm windows because they obscure my view of the little fox.

Visit here, please: Autoportraits

Meanwhile, I will turn off the electronics and go read about Leonard Cohen and maybe finish knitting that hat.  I am turning into a very productive little hat factory!  Such well-sized projects, so easily started and finished!  This will be the fourth hat I've made this season, only one of which I am keeping (yellow, DK silky wool, seed stitch slouchy smurf-like hat). This one is a slightly slouchy, hat with big puffy cables in Prussian Blue. I think it is a blue of the prussian variety, at least.

Or maybe I will make lunch for my mom and take a nap.

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from: rabblerocket
date: Dec. 20th, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC)

Toronto friendlier! Very much so.

It goes against type -- Vancouver's stereotype of Torontonians, at least. I'm starting to forget what's fact and fiction.

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