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What I did this weekend...

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May. 24th, 2009 | 09:16 pm

Took pictures.

Mainly, I hung out in parks.  This one involved reading the newspaper and a photography manual --

Parks parks parks parks more parks --
new brighton

No pictures of my trusty ride, whose brakes need adjusting. Mental note to take a portrait of the Phoenix.

Also hung out at home --

...now brighter and with newly arranged furniture!   Got rid of the dark brown, sueded, blackout curtains and replaced with sheers, and a grass-green cotton check. The pictures didn't turn out great, but I now have a dedicated art space, which will likely remain eternally (and happily) "messy".  The last bastion of unwanted messiness for me to tackle is my closet.

I also bit the bullet and planted chives and thyme in a small planter box by my kitchen.
not my actual planter box.

I only wish it looked like this!  I've got chives and thyme in a small rectangular plastic white box -- cheapest option around, as I have proven to be a poor gardener in the past and am currently on probation. Still, it looks pretty enough, and it was nice to get my hands in a little dirt.  No pics.  There are disadvantages to not having a digital camera. 

Got this roll of film developed.  Picked them up this morning after brunch (Reefy goodness), and set out collaging friends-and-their-apartments together:
Dan, on his birthday


Love them sunny lazy weekends.

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Parks parks parks parks more parks --

from: reluctance
date: May. 25th, 2009 06:02 am (UTC)

New Brighton! Ride a bit further east, under the Ironworkers' Memorial into instant lovely Burnaby woods. Marvel at the crusty gutterpunk beer-drinkin' treehouse just next to the trail, and boggle at the history of Crabtown at a perfectly splendid little clearing. Jen describes this neck of the woods as the West Van of East Van.

Part of an indefinitely postponed post of mine on recent splendid discoveries and remember-ies. Also included: couscous!

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Re: Parks parks parks parks more parks --

from: rabblerocket
date: May. 25th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)

A treehouse, you say? It all sounds lovely. I haven't ventured out that way yet, frequently stymied by the lure of the racetracks and New Brighton. Thanks for the tips!

I was thinking of you this weekend -- partly because you seem to have a doppelganger on Commercial Drive! Either that, or I have been rudely staring and not greeting you.

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A treehouse, you say? It all sounds lovely.

from: reluctance
date: May. 25th, 2009 07:57 pm (UTC)

Better in idea than in practice, I think... the construction gives the impression that what its assemblers lack in expertise they made up for in enthusiasm, but it leans out over an embankment that is quite some height before the next landing -- the rail throughfare. Really I'm astounded at its bold self-assertion, making no effort to conceal itself or apologise for its existence. Yes, I'm a treehouse; yes, I'm in a public park. You got a problem with that? I can't help but suspect that if it was some metres over on the Vancouver side it would have been torn down before completion but perhaps community standards are slacker in friendly Burnaby.

you seem to have a doppelganger

As my aunt reported, growing up in the '60s it became easy to pick out non-conformists because they all dressed alike. I thought I spotted you in turn near your stomping grounds but it was someone else of a similar build with a long lock of bang busted loose out front. It was not you and your sighting was not me -- I was moving house all weekend.

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